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Practitioners and patients interested in RetinoScan and RetinoScan Advanced can register to use our intelligent platform, TeleEye MD


Are you a Patient?

Register with TeleEyeMD to:

  • Get a unique QR code identification for your RetinoScan test

  • View your stored RetinoScan results

  • Access your referrals to health practitioners, as required

  • Enable monitoring and measurement of your eye health condition 

  • Optimize your own health outcomes  

"The more patients proactively participate in their own well-being and care, the better the outcomes."

TeleEye MD Mobile App

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Are you a Practitioner?

As an Optometrist, Ophthalmologist, General Practitioner, Endocrinologist, Bariatrician or Dietician, you can register with TeleEyeMD to:

  • Review RetinoScan reports for patients

  • Receive new referrals from prospective patients

  • View patient reports, measurements, lesions and actions over time

  • Co-ordinate care with other health practitioners, as required

  • Create and receive AI powered alerts, updating the patient’s entire medical care team across the platform

  • Gain a clear, detailed picture of patient progression and real-time patient information

Do you have a retinal camera or retinal images?
Register with RapidDx to:

  • Grade retinal images quickly and easily with the help of the RetinoScan diagnostic tool

  • Receive RetinoScan reports for patient

TeleEye MD Web App

View patient results, manage and monitor disease progression, provide updates and liaise with other healthcare providers in real time.


RapidDx (Free Trial!)

Obtain rapid diagnosis for retinal images obtained from your retinal camera