Dry Eye

Monitor, manage and treat dry eye, in the comfort of your own home

My DryEye Mobile App

TeleMedC’s free app available on IOS and Android. Designed to successfully engage with the user to determine their dry eye severity. Providing patient education and treatment recommendations, the My DryEye app has been proven to increase dry eye treatment compliance by the dry eye sufferer.

Low-Cost, at-Home Monitoring System


TeleMedC is proud to introduce the World’s first AI powered IOT device for monitoring dry eye. Highly portable and cost effective, the device can be used by dry eye sufferers in the comfort of their own home. Using ground breaking AI algorithms, User data is collected across 5 clinical dry eye parameters within minutes. Dry Eye Scan syncs with the My DryEye App to provide easily accessible results, providing insight into the User’s dry eye journey.

My DryEye Practioner Dashboard


Designed to connect the Eye Health Professional with real time data collected from the My DryEye app via DryEye Scan. Clinical workflow is made simple as dry eye patients can be provided with a framework for the monitoring and treatment of their condition. Supports clinical diagnosis of dry eye conditions by Eye Health Professionals, while optimizing patient compliance to treatment plans.