What is gLAUCOMA?


Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases that damages the optic nerve which carries the message of sight from the eye to the brain. This can lead to vision loss if not detected early and treated effectively. What is most threatening is that at-risk patient might not know he/she has glaucoma till 50% of the peripheral visual field is lost permanently.

Image Source: Ausmed Education

Our Solutions

hardware & software

C/D Ratio

C/D Grader is an AI-based system to detect glaucoma abnormal condition. It provides automatic optical disc and cup segmentation and cup-disc-ratio (CDR) calculation for screening suspect glaucoma.


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Angle Closure Grading

Angle closure symptoms including ocular or periocular pain, reduced vision with halos, eye redness and nausea or vomiting. There are three currently accepted categories for angle-closure disease: primary angle-closure suspect, primary angle-closure and angle-closure glaucoma.

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IOP Device

The IOP device is a non-contact, self-administered, highly reproducible IOP-measuring device which could be used by patients multiple-times a day in the home setting. The device is for monitoring of intra-Ocular Pressure with less calibration in any testing position.

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Visual Field

The Visual Field is a user-friendly, portable and reliable automated perimetry device for reliable measures visual field and peripheral visual field testing for early detection of glaucoma.

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