Fundus Imaging at your convenience.
Eyescan R2 is a revolutionary retinal imaging device promising to deliver lightning-quick
eye diagnoses anytime, anywhere
ready 2021-q1
Accuracy and reliability of our services
Our DR Grader is one of the most accurate image diagnostic AI services in the world with an accuracy of 97% sensitivity and 92% specificity.

EyeScan R2


TeleMedC's portable desktop EyeScan R2 device comprises of a fully automated ophthalmic diagnostic imaging hardware with smart software interface for both anterior and posterior segments for the diagnosis and grading of common eye and chronic illnesses. Our focus is to provide a true low cost imaging device for screening and grading of common eye and chronic illnesses. The EyeScanR2 enables practitioners to capture both eyes without moving the patient or the device. For medical practices looking to expand the overall healthcare of patients to include eye related conditions, the EyeScanR2 along with our AI software enable clinics to have a very fast, very accurate point of care retinal screening, diagnosis and grading that, along with our Telemedicine platform deliver an unmatched level of value and flexibility to both the clinics, patients as well as specialist's alike. EyeScan R2’s ease of use allows for health practitioners/technicians to be able to use this device without lengthy, highly specialised training making it very versatile, whether in remote or heavily populated areas. Anterior imaging capability is planned for a future update, making this a comprehensive screening.

Eye Scan R2.



For optometrist, Eyescan R2 offers a simple and intuitive way to take fundus images of the retina using our cloud enabled camera.


It offers embedded diabetic retinopathy detection from captured images that can be operated anywhere.


With cloud connectivity, patients can view their results on their mobile app. Patients can then select from a range of additional services or referrals.

We offer retinal image diagnostics solutions.


diabetic retinopathy

A simple and quick deep learning solution that performs retinal image grading and provides end users with automatic and quick yes/no solution to your each of your eye's diabetic retinopathy condition.

DR Grader

diabetic retinopathy

A screening system that combines automatic image-grading, store-and-forward, and long-term retinopathy health prediction for patients.
Rule-based and machine learning method for DR lesion (microaneurysms, intraretinal hemorrhages, and hard exudates) segmentation and “urgent referral” recommendation.

G Grader


A screening system that combines the automatic image-grading solution with automated Cup-Disc ratio (CDR) & thermal mapping for detecting Glaucoma abnormal condition.
- Deep learning method for optic disc localisation.
- Deep learning method for disc and cup segmentation.
- CDR calculation and enlarged cup indication.